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Why Outdoor Security is a Must

Life can be stressful. Sometimes, it’s better to just have one or two or ten fewer things to worry about. Outdoor video security cameras can help you have one less thing to worry about. Whether you’re worried about the birthday gift you just ordered for your child or not having to answer the door without knowing who is on the other side, cameras can help.

Mobile Backyard Security Surveillance View

We’ve all seen it on our neighborhood Facebook page. One of your neighbors had their car broken into or the package UPS marked as delivered isn’t there anymore. Or the time that some sketchy person knocked on your door for no reason at all.

In times like these, you should always have the ability to overview your properties by installing an outdoor security system including HD security cameras and security alarms around your home.

The Benefits

Security cameras and alarm systems offer several benefits, however, let’s go over three that stand out the most.

Deterrent – Most convicted burglars admitted that they avoided homes that had a noticeable security system.

Evidence – In the event a burglary, theft or any other situation occur, you would have solid evidence to put the criminals behind bars.

Peace of Mind – All of our systems are custom-tailored and specifically designed to be easily viewed by our users. Live security footage can be seen at the touch of a button from any smartphone or TV.

Choosing Security Cameras

Video security can be utilized both indoors and out. However, it is imperative to utilize high-quality cameras and recording devices that offer HD images in both live views as well as playback. While a camera system may seem to provide excellent live view, cheaper systems lack in the recording hardware to actually store decent images. While you get peace of mind when viewing live views, you are lacking in having valuable evidence if the recorder can’t store the images in a quality manner.

Another important factor to consider is night images. Keep in mind the rating of the IR of each camera. Also, always underestimate the IRs potential based on the specs given. If an IR is rated at 120′ you can safely call it 85′. If you buy a camera system with a cable the size of a pencil, chances are the IR doesn’t require enough energy to have sufficient IR. Another factor is the impact that vegetation has on IR. Trees and shrubs that are nearby may reflect back into the camera lens and cause a blurred view. Some ways to combat this is by utilizing CCTV cameras that utilize Smart IR.

The Closeout

I have a pretty solid security system at my house. I utilize a mixture of 2MP to 4K cameras. Some of them utilize full-color features at night so I can give descriptions such as the color of the car, clothes, etc. A few of the cameras around the entry points utilize built-in audio. Since I’ve had my system, I have personally never had any issues. There was actually an event a few months ago where someone broke into several cars but actually skipped my house. I’m pretty sure it’s because the cameras are noticeable but I will take that any day. Additionally, I love my home security system for many other reasons. I can check on my dog in the back yard when I am gone, see if I left the garage door open by accident, and from one of my cameras, I can even see if the doors are locked on my truck without having to second guess myself and hit the button until it honks.

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