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Our Story

Our Story

03 Security Systems was founded to share the greatest lesson we’ve ever learned.

In 2006 our founder Jimmy Finley joined the US Marine Corps as an infantryman.

Two years later, he would find himself leading his own squad in the dry, barren terrain of the Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

Back in 2008, Helmand was no joke. It was regarded as one of the most dangerous places on Earth…

“I could not have been any higher on life. I was responsible for the safety of my marines as well as those we were there to protect and it made me feel like superman.”

Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood. 

Yet – hundreds of break-ins are reported each day. 

Our purpose is simple. 

We were defenders in the military, and we’ll always be protectors at heart. 

We’re helping to protect our country one household and business at a time. 

Let's Win.

After countless tours in the military, we learned that the concept of winning could be applied to every breathing moment of our lives. 

And once we approached life with this mindset, our entire lives became better because of it.

Unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances happen every single day. Our mission is to help you increase your odds so that you can win when it counts the most.

So feel confident, because no matter what, we’re here to help you protect what matters the most.

Let’s win each moment of our lives together. 

“An infantryman in the US Marine Corps is trained to succeed in any given situation, no matter the circumstances. Winning is a must.”

“We’ve got your six”